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Scott Brockett is all about making a uniquely hopeful kind of blues. It's intelligent, soulful music that navigates a space between familiarity and originality – like learning new things about an old friend. He's getting you moving, injecting a raw energy into blue-eyed soul, and an joyful groove into rock and blues. He's a true triple threat; talented not only as a singer but also guitarist and performer, making music that encapsulates a joyous feeling and generates a sense of determination and perseverance. Touching on stories of love, loss, and getting back up again, his songs exist as conversations that you'll be reliving time and time again.

Having grown up amongst the long dirt roads and bluesy country sounds of Central Oregon, Scott is currently based in the unique musical melting pot that is Portland. He had always been driven to be something other than ordinary, and had naturally gravitated towards music. The moment in high school when he first found himself on stage was the pivotal point at which he took his first steps on the path he's meant to be on, and songwriting appeared as the perfect tool to encapsulate this sense of harmony, leveraging his skill and expressing his emotion.

Scott's been playing music professionally for twelve years. His first band, Holding Out, formed in college, and after seven years Scott took the leap and stepped out on his own. The challenge of carving out his own sound proved to be a rewarding time; for Scott there is nothing more satisfying that capturing the magic of a note and lyric resonating at the right moment in time.

With influences spanning classics like Doobie Brothers, Steve Miller Band, BB King, and Jimi Hendrix, as well as contemporaries including Marc Broussard, Tyrone Wells, John Mayer and Joss Stone, his own sound is a marrying of genres; melding soul vocals into pop hooks and rock riffs. With two releases already under his belt, Never Give Up in 2011, receiving radio rotation around the country, and This Town in 2013, Scott plans to be in the studio again next year, getting his own bluesy, gritty, soul record underway.

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